Please use various bonuses.
・(入金時)無条件キャッシュバックボーナス ※ボーナスは全てお客様ご自身で申請する必要がございます。
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About Visionary Traders Our company Visionary Traders is a foreign service provider of binary option trading
Binary options trading is drawing the world attention as its most advanced and popular financial instruments transaction method.
The reasons of binary option popularity are simple and high return in short time. Visionary Traders continues to improve services to provide simple binary option trading. Appreciate if you can take this chance and enjoy our services. All investment, including binary option, it is possible to risk all investment money. Please read carefully terms and conditions before using the services. Please do not invest any amount beyond investment ability.
Payment Method
It offers a wide variety of payment methods.
  • ・BTC-Payments(クレジットカード・銀行振込) ( MasterCard®,JCB )
How to use
Screen explanation
  • 1.Menu
  • 2.Configure languages
  • 3.Global Navigation
  • 4.Currency pairs
  • 5.Trade
  • 6.Currency chart
  • 7.Purchase window
  • 8.List of purchase
Binary option transaction purchase method
Purchase of trade
  • 1.First, please select the currency pair you want to trade
  • 2.Next, select the trade which is offered
  • 3.Trade is based on the opening price of judging period,. please predict the closing price goes up or goes down.
    Please note you can not buy any options after the accepting time is expired.
  • 4.Please select up or down after you have decided your prediction
  • 5.Next decide purchase amount.
  • 6.To buy the trade, please agree to the terms & conditions
    Press BUY button and complete pre-order.
Binary option transaction purchase screen
- About cancelling purchase
You can cancel your pre-order trade if it is in accepting period.
However, please note that you can not cancel pre-ordered trade when the pre-order trade already in judging period.
The trade result
  • 1.Purchased trade will change to end signage after judgement result
  • 2.You can check trade result from result window or purchase list
  • 3.You can check past purchase trade from purchase history
    In addition, you can check details of currency exchange by clicking purchase list.
Binary option transaction result